The Hogan Leadership Inventory is a personality assessment tool designed to help organizations and individuals evaluate leadership potential and identify areas for development. Developed by Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan, the Hogan Leadership Inventory has been used by companies and organizations around the world for over 30 years to help identify and develop high-potential leaders.

The Hogan Leadership Inventory consists of three components:

Using a combination of self-assessment and multi-rater feedback, the Hogan Leadership Inventory provides a comprehensive picture of a leader's strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. It can help organizations identify and develop high-potential leaders, as well as help individuals gain self-awareness and insight into their leadership style.

Some potential benefits of using the Hogan Leadership Inventory include:

Overall, the Hogan Leadership Inventory is a powerful tool for organizations and individuals looking to identify and develop effective leaders. By providing insight into a leader's personality, values, and behavior, it can help organizations build stronger leadership teams and achieve better results.